Payment Solutions for Dispensaries & Delivery Providers

GreenKINEX E-Check Processing

Accepting an E-check at your dispensary in person, by phone, or online is a quick and easy way to secure a payment. GreenKINEX offers a Secure Payment Gateway that allows you to take the data on a customer's check and process the transaction electronically. Create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, and even Accept Payments Online (or integrate into your current systems via API) and more. Get NEXT DAY credit for your transactions at All Banks in the continental United States.

GreenKINEX integrates your E-check merchant account into our mobile app that enables your customers to pre-order and purchase their products by entering their bank account and routing number. This information is stored in your dispensary profile for easy future transactions so they never have to enter it again.

Point of Sale

Easily convert your paper checks into E-checks for faster processing right at your point of sale with next day funding.

Online or Mobile App

Perfect for e-commerce of any type. Accept E-checks on your website or GreenKINEX mobile app.

Pay By Phone

Take electronic checks directly over the phone and be confident with every payment using live check verification.

Guaranteed approvals for dispensaries and the application process only takes 24 to 48 hours.

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